Cars are becoming cheaper because of the unprecedented financial scheme

Last certificate brilliant marketing idea - Norwegian double electric Think City. His imminent appearance on the market will be accompanied by an unprecedented financial scheme. Buyers will pay for this car $ 15 000 - $ 17 000, but they will be to rent a car battery, which costs $ 34 000.

24 October 2007 | appearance, electric, location, market

How rabotoet spoiler?
The Japanese have invented a special toilet for drivers

• Audi confirms hybrid Q5 »»»
German manufacturer Audi is not very fan of electric vehicles in every aspect, but it seems that this it only fuels his interest in “green” novinkam.
• Approved price list for medical help for drivers »»»
In the near future the country will start to operate the new price list for medical help to get driver’s licenses and license to bear arms.
• New Subaru Impreza »»»
Unlike predecessors, the new Subaru Impreza, the third generation appeared hatchback.
• The Japanese offer the technology to charge the electric cars in 5 minutes! »»»
Toshiba has announced the launch of a joint project with Mitsubishi Motors.
• Infinite ring quenches thirst restless Electric »»»
Nobody disputes that electric vehicles are clean, comfortable and reliable.