Silver - the most popular car color for the past 9 years

In North America, every fourth car is painted in silver color, while its popularity compared with last year rose by about five per cent. On the second and third place white and black colors - 18 and 16 percent of cars were purchased, respectively, in such a coloring. For comparison, 15 years ago in the United States the greatest demand green machine, and white paint only about eight per cent of cars.
According to representatives of PPG Industries, the United States in the compact car segment, the most popular colors are silver and black, and about 21 percent are painted in blue or red. At the same time on the European market, most buyers of small cars (about 37 per cent) bought them in bright colors - red, green, blue.
Bright colors for mid-size cars in the U.S. market prefers to only 17 percent of buyers, and luxury car brands most popular is black.
In Europe and Asia, silver and dark gray hold the title of the most popular colors. Followed by black, white, blue and red. According to the company DuPont, in Russia last year, the greatest demand machines silver, slightly less popular black and red, and then in descending order of market share are green, blue, white, gray, brown and yellow cars.

2 October 2009 | buyer, color, demand, market, percentage, popularity, united states

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