Concerns General Motors and Ford may unite!

“Mania alliances” made a new turn. First, General Motors wanted to merge with Renault / Nissan, followed by a similar union of the French proposed to Ford. But while they hesitated, American concerns thought and decided to try to unite with each other.

17 September 2006 | concern, ford, general motors, nissan, reno, union

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• General Motors can not hire a director because of low wages - less than a million dollars a year »»»
Company General Motors in the summer of 2009 passed the procedure of restructuring through bankruptcy and received from the U.
• As rail crane became Rolls-Royce »»»
As of the close coupe turned “living room on wheels.” Who in the morning called President FIAT.
• Chevrolet Malibu 2008 will be presented at the American showroom »»»
Road Concern General Motors plans to show the first updated version of the Chevrolet Malibu in the auto show, which will be held in Detroit in mid-January this year.
• Chevrolet Malibu 2008 sera présenté à la salle d'exposition américain »»»
Road Concern General Motors envisage de montrer la première version mise à jour de la Malibu de Chevrolet au Salon de l’Auto, qui se tiendra à Detroit, en mi-Janvier de cette année.
• Alliance of Toyota and Ford are not far off? »»»
… Top managers automakers have discussed cooperation … According to official statements, the heads of the second-largest automaker Toyota and Ford third merger not discussed.