Cars Sultan of Brunei

The whole world knows that the Sultan of Brunei, who is one of the world’s richest people, well, just a lot of cars. But the first time in history you can understand yourself, how much he actually machines. For this, we present the complete list of all cars sultan of Brunei. See and envy

25 August 2006 | brunei, history, people, sultan, world

Circumnavigation of motor racing cars in the future
Kings slip - Drifting or one of the most beautiful views of motorsport!

• In India, will present the world's cheapest new car »»»
In the Indian capital next week to present the world’s cheapest new car, a price which will not exceed 650 dollars, the newspaper Guardian.
• M. Schumacher presented supercar 430 Scuderia »»»
Light, elegant, beautiful, fashionable, fast - this appeared at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the new supercar from Ferrari.
• Lawlessness on the three - refinement of "UAZ" »»»
Dmitry Leontiev, photo Gaul NURSULTANOVOY There are people for whom there are no borders on vbuhivaniyu notes in “UAZ”.
• Most fastest production Cars »»»
British Sky News Agency compiled a list of the fastest production cars in the world.
• American supercar become the most powerful and quickest car in the world »»»
Supercar SSC Ultimate Aero TT, built by U.S. company Shelby Supercars, set a new world speed record for production cars, speeding up to 411 kilometers per hour.