Auto Nissan will “see” pedestrians on cell phones

Company Nissan is developing a new system aimed at reducing the number of road accidents involving pedestrians. This system will operate on the basis of cellular networks of the third generation.

17 April 2007 | design, event, generation, membership, network, nissan, pedestrian, system, the number

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• Nissan and Infiniti vehicles to protect pedestrians at running »»»
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. will equip the cars of the new development is near fall.
• Bosch has developed a system of salvation Pedestrian »»»
Bosch is provided an electronic system to protect pedestrians - Electronic Pedestrian Protection (EPP).
• Drunken Estonian pedestrian "shot down" a car »»»
On Tuesday evening at the 109 kilometer route Tallinn - Tartu been an accident involving a pedestrian and a car Toyota Corolla.
• In Russia create a car-robot »»»
With Russian scientists and engineers has launched an unusual project “35 thousand”, designed to reduce the number of accidents on the roads of the country.
• BMW and Google are launching a new joint service. »»»
Navigatsioennaya system adopts information from the Internet - Google hopes to get the network avtodillerov as customers.