German police did not fit in the new patrol cars

New patrol cars purchased for the German guards were too close, reports Hessischer Rundfunk, citing a survey of trade union officers. Many police officers who participated in the survey complained that the seats in the new Opel Insignia brand machines are too narrow. According to them, they can not fit, having a full range of police: the gun, baton, mobile, spray with pepper gas and handcuffs. In addition, the rear window severely restricts the review required for the police.

Because of this, many law enforcement officers in Hesse prefer the old patrol cars mark Opel Zafira, despite the new deputy chairman of the union Lothar Hesse Heltsgen (Lothar Hoelzgen).

According to the union, the ministry was first to test the car in practice and only after that do a large order. However, all transplanted back to the old machines in trade union and do not offer, and want to improve the Opel Insignia.

The Ministry of Interior, which places an order, stated that they knew about the problems with new machines. However, accusations of lack of verification of the representative of the Ministry of Shpruh Claudia (Claudia Spruch) rejected.

The authorities of the federal state have with Opel’s supply contract for up to 800 police cars Class Insignia Sports Tourer. The total cost of vehicles amounted to 25 million euros. At the moment, the police received 200 new machines. How many other cars in this class will be commissioned as yet unknown

17 April 2012

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