Approved price list for medical help for drivers

In the near future the country will start to operate the new price list for medical help to get driver’s licenses and license to bear arms.

Department of Health and Social Development of Russia has prepared an order, under which the cost of a medical certificate for obtaining a driver’s license should not exceed 1657 rubles, and to obtain a license to carry weapons - 975 rubles. The document also shows the scheme of calculating the cost of data references. The price includes all costs of certificates of medical institutions in the depreciation of equipment, transport, communications, utilities, taxes and charges.

5 April 2012

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• CTP will make less »»»
In the near future the cost of CTP policy can be significantly reduced.
• "Drunk" drivers take to register »»»
Health Ministry of the Russian Federation proposes the introduction of dispensary observation of drivers who were denied the right of driving for driving while intoxicated.
• C on April 1, come into effect new rates of payment overhaul. »»»
From 1 April in Moscow, change the size limit fees provedeie vehicle inspection.
• Calculation of payments on CTP will lead to a common denominator »»»
The Russian Association of Motor Insurers will develop a unified methodology for calculating the cost of repairing damaged vehicles.
• Inspection: approved new prices »»»
The new law on checkup took effect on 1 January, but now only government approved rates for the service, and in many regions remains unclear.