Chrysler withdraws 35 thousand cars

StickyKeys pedal forced carmaker Chrysler to recall nearly 35 thousand vehicles, reports Deutsche Welle. Basically this model Dodge Caliber 2007. issue and SUV Jeep Compass. Earlier, a similar problem faced Toyota, benefiting from the same manufacturer auto parts that Chrysler, the company CTS.

5 June 2010

Drivers-violators will be deprived of the rights for 5 years automaton
In Germany, arrested the woman, to feed the child while driving at full speed

• Mazda recalls more than 65 thousand cars because of the spider network in the fuel system »»»
Japanese automaker Mazda recalls more than 65 thousand cars because of the spiders.
• Trade war with Toyota Motors USA »»»
The U.S. government declared war against the Japanese corporation Toyota Motors.
• Cars Kievers began "to call" the army »»»
In the area of ​​ATO need SUVs, but not bad going and luxury cars.
• Administration of the Sakhalin region once again need a SUV for 3.5 million rubles »»»
A new auction for the purchase of an expensive SUV Administration announced Korsakov, RIA SakhalinMedia with a link to procurement.
• Carmaker Toyota released the first car with a hydrogen engine »»»
As you know, Japan is famous for its quality and innovative approach to the automotive industry.