Lancer EVO X will cost from $ 34 000.

Many people know Standard Mitsubishi Lancer, as an affordable economical car, his own streamlined frisky brother Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X will cost you dearly. How? As Mitsubishi said that according to preliminary data, its price will start from $ 34 000.

13 December 2007

Innovative safety technology of Volvo
The Japanese presented their version of the Mercedes CL

• Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart Version-R »»»
Order to somehow mark the first anniversary of the start of production Colt Ralliart Version-R Mitsubishi company offered a special series of JDM.
• Budget car - coming soon! »»»
Not a secret that for some people’s cars - a means of transportation, element, emphasizing their image, but for someone the car and remains a luxury.
• Approved price list for medical help for drivers »»»
In the near future the country will start to operate the new price list for medical help to get driver’s licenses and license to bear arms.
• In India, will present the world's cheapest new car »»»
In the Indian capital next week to present the world’s cheapest new car, a price which will not exceed 650 dollars, the newspaper Guardian.
• Crash-test "luxurious" Lada Priora »»»
In Togliatti was the first crash test of Lada Priora configuration suites.