Auto manufacturers recommend changing oil less often - every 12 000 km

In the car factories in the engines of most new cars pour synthetic oil. In this regard, automakers recommend increasing the intervals between oil changes up to 12 000 kilometers. Synthetic oil has several advantages over lower quality mineral. They provide better protection against wear, allowing less to replace oil.

3 December 2007 | automaker, automobile, engine, majority, mileage, oil, replacement

Earned a Volkswagen plant in Russia
In Russia create a car-robot

• Toyota Prius will now work on solar-powered »»»
The already efficient car got a package of options that makes it even more advantageous in terms of fuel economy.
• Bosch has developed a system of salvation Pedestrian »»»
Bosch is provided an electronic system to protect pedestrians - Electronic Pedestrian Protection (EPP).
• Female car Geneva 2007 »»»
Car exhibitions provide automakers the opportunity to present the audience their beautiful models, flaunting their sumptuous lines and seductive shape.
• New concept Ford Explorer America »»»
Within the Detroit auto show will be shown a new concept called the Ford Explorer America, which was presented recently by Ford.
• The tax on cars with engines of a large volume will rise this year »»»
Vehicle excise duty for cars with engines of a large volume can be increased in Moscow later this year.