The first test FIAT 500

He first Fiat 500 for Italy - an icon, a national treasure and at the same time, something warm and familiar, like Grandma’s quilt. This car put Italy on wheels. In the 60’s Fiat 500 was in every Italian family.

8 November 2007 | fiat, italy, test, wheel

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Seven-time world champion in Formula 1 took part in the tests on the karting circuit of La Concha in southern Italy, reports Autosport.
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On Sunday, from Turin, is sent on a tour of Italy’s car “Italia 45 HP Fiat”, the man who a hundred years ago, won the Peking to Paris rally, breaking the 16 thousand kilometers.
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As of the close coupe turned “living room on wheels.” Who in the morning called President FIAT.
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Am Sonntag, von Turin, auf einer Reise durch Italien’s Auto “Italia 45 PS Fiat”, der Mann, der vor hundert Jahren gesendet wird, gewann die Rallye Peking nach Paris, bricht die 16 Tausend Kilometer.
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