Test-drive Mazda CX-7: The car you said listen and obey!

“He stood on the court - an intense and muscular. European novelty - a crossover Mazda CX-7 is rapidly released into the Belarusian market. Until recently, he raced on the famous Nürburgring and the autobahns of Germany, and now - selling cars in the CIS and, accordingly, the new test. Head Higher History and tradition of the Belarusian Academy of Physical Training and Sports Sergei Ovchinnikov in no hurry to get behind the wheel, peering into the newcomer.

“Well, look respectable, - said the most respected driver of Belarus - demonstrates a successful life.” Professional spotted driving performance of the Japanese crossover, just went to him. “I am confident that this is a comfortable and controlled car. These quality affects weight. Small cars, as if we did not want to make a comfortable, it is impossible even theoretically. Roughness, which comes over the car while driving, perceived wheel and suspension. The greater the ratio of weight with all-wheel drive vehicle and a car, the car will be more comfortable. Therefore rims do not try to iron, and alloy to be easier to do that jumping on the road. From this, and fuel economy depends, and high speed “.

Going round the car, Ovchinnikov stopped at his back:” The angles of approach are small. Not even sitting behind the wheel can say that the machine is traversed. Not too long back you can easily overcome the pit and curbs - a significant advantage over the others. Beautiful car. And promising. From the discharge of those who want to come, sit and go. “A few minutes spent outside the car, not driving, had an impact on the motion of Mazda CX-7 in the flow: just after leaving the track, Ovchinnikov confidently threw the Japanese right-left crossover and satisfaction, said: “Do not mistake about the handling - this car can do anything. And driving justifies the claim of sports style: small, he conveniently lies in the hand, is comfortable “.

Again dramatically redesigned from the band in the lane, Ovchinnikov said:” The chair Mazda - lateral support, while sitting at a convenient maneuver . The fact that the driver of such car models do not really see the rebuilding provides additional comfort “.

” Automatic smoothing dynamics, try to wake her up at the site in Malinovka! “, - Said the master, and towards the site at which the occupation school of driving skill. There, waiting for the Japanese car of the unusual appearance, one after another have been placed chips.

Directions to “snake”, which checks the car’s handling, added some new features Mazda CX-7. “Controllability - the main plus car - concluded an experienced driver in a few passages through the “snake”. - Good to meet the requirements of the driver. Easily responds to the steering wheel turns easily, instantly reacts. In short, dynamic machine - easily overtake other vehicles at traffic lights. “And here is the automatic transmission Ovchinnikov almost immediately transferred to manual control: Automatic mynum a little, but turns well, although clearly that shustrosti lacking. With these parameters expect a sports driving style, but Japanese designers, it seems, have decided to best protect the driver. “But the manual adds a great deal: touching the gearbox, Ovchinnikov been transformed:” Now the machine has become more manageable and responsive to the work of the gas. See how the runs? ”

Behavior Mazda CX-7 really become more aggressive, drawing the attention of several men who decided to come closer and watch the test drive. Got carried away and Ovchinnikov.” Dreaming disappears, responds to the gas pedal — he briefly recorded observation, holding third gear and sending the car on the chips. - There was a more accurate work with gas, thereby instantly improved manageability. The secret is that there is engine braking, the driver of a manual gearbox, this technique is familiar. With “automatic” no hard braking - I let the pedal, the car rolls along smoothly - and everything. “Putting chips in the figure” perestavka, Ovchinnikov increased speed.

“We are now her seasick - cryptically said extreme driver - check how to behave in the drifts. “During the first drift Mazda CX-7 has refused to go.” feel, as captured electronic mechanisms? - No surprise Ovchinnikov. - It’s TSS, the system dynamic stability. In the case of skidding, it locks the wheels. Now we deceive her. “Slight movement of fingers - and the TCS system is off. Overclocked Ovchinnikov, threw the car left and right, provoking drift, and … surprise.

” Strangely, the system itself is included. As can be seen, feels that the machine is something wrong. Maybe badly disabled? “Turning on a platform with a slippery coating, Ovchinnikov and again led away crossover in drifts, but the familiar elements are kept. Only one crossover slid to the side, but then flattened out the movement.” Feel, how to grab the wheels? - Vhdohnul Ovchinnikov. - Electronics is not fooled, it extinguishes the skid. So in this crossover courses in our school will not pass - electronics does not allow frolic. Small drifts still possible, but then triggered the security system. The machine turns at the expense of work, but the drift is not developed - electronics does not allow. It works well, does not practice in the extreme driving, stops trying extreme - and quite correctly. For the driver Maxda CX-7 can be calm: spot the electronics during the journey. The same applies to automatic transmission - with her car was driving much safer, can save the driver in any situation and save the maximum of drifts “.

Fans of more extreme driving Ovchinnikov advised to switch to manual mode:” In this case, he goes in a normal car, manages, as he wants. This is a huge plus - signs of a normal car with the mechanics at the auto box. “Using a variation of management” at a difficult road to go better in a mechanical mode. If the driver is driving skills, he takes advantage of the car, making it more responsive. If, however, sat behind the wheel of a newbie, it just would go - but safe. “Deciding to rest, Ovchinnikov parked the Mazda CX-7 and leaned back in his chair, ignoring the curious, immediately surrounded the car.

” Comfortable ergonomics. And for good visibility - large mirrors. Is that the front desk hides volumes. Rear seat head restraints do not interfere with successfully drowned, are below the heads of passengers. And that made buttons on the steering wheel is good: not distracted from the road, you can find everything you need. “One of the young people who approached the car hesitatingly asked to sit behind the wheel. Coming out of the Mazda CX-7, Ovchinnikov quietly swept his eyes: “And he was among those who can sit behind the wheel of crossover: it is clear that a businessman who had already stood up, active, wants to drive himself. Do not be surprised, eating it has a country house, where, incidentally, it is convenient to go to the crossover. Happy Mazda CX-7 is in the office, in the evening for children and - home. I’m not saying that you can throw in the trunk of a sports bag, and even hunting gear. Although the crossover - not a jeep and go on roads I would not advise it, winter will be no problem - it is obvious, buying a car Mazda CX-7 - for active and motivated to think about their safety. This was understandable at first sight.

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