Invention of the protective system, which allows to control stolen car at a distance

Specialists of General Motors invented the anti-theft system, allowing control stolen car at a distance. Name of Stolen Vehicle Slowdown can be translated as “slowing car theft. It allows not only to locate the vehicle from intruders, but also to gradually slow it.

28 October 2007 | general motors, hijacking, name, specialist, system

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• Innovative safety technology of Volvo »»»
The Swedish company Volvo introduced 3 new sitemi designed to make roads safer.
• Techniques de sécurité innovantes de Volvo »»»
La société suédoise Volvo introduit 3 sitemi nouvelles destinées à rendre les routes plus sûres.
• What happens to stolen car? »»»
In most cases the client on stolen vehicle is known in advance.
• The singer Alexander Marshall drove a new Toyota Landcruiser »»»
In the car, Marshall was installed the AutoLocator. This anti-theft system that uses the principles of satellite-based search technologies and technology radio search.
• Chevrolet Malibu 2008 will be presented at the American showroom »»»
Road Concern General Motors plans to show the first updated version of the Chevrolet Malibu in the auto show, which will be held in Detroit in mid-January this year.