The current owners of the brand Mini, BMW, confirmed their plans to release an SUV. Meet: Mini SUV. The car, the main platform Clubman will be the first SUV in 1968, when released Austin Ant and Mini Moke.

4 October 2007 | bmw, brand, issue, mini, owner, plan, platform, suv

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EBay Motors held two on-line Isuzu

• Triumph TR is back! »»»
British media has got exclusive information from BMW, who are going to revive one of the most popular British brands - Triumph.
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The legend of the Soviet automobile industry, the former Yugoslav and now Serbian company Zastava plans to sell cars from western companies in Russia.
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Each year in the spring at the Geneva Motor Show, meet all the world’s major automakers, to once again come together in the battle for the heart of the buyer.
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According to John Fleming, head of Ford in Europe, the U.
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One fifth of all stolen cars in Moscow owned by the brand of the Volga car.