Telephone calls at the wheel will be very expensive

The bill provides for a fine for talking on his mobile phone while driving, has recently adopted State Duma in first reading. Drivers, resolve urgent, standing in traffic, should be ready to attack policemen.

21 March 2007 | bill, conversation, cork, driver, fine, gai, handlebars, movement, phone

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• Passed in the red - laid out piece. »»»
State Duma adopted on Friday in the first reading of a bill toughening penalties for serious traffic violations (SDA).
• Violations of the rules, for which no fines GAI »»»
While all horror waiting for legislation to raise all penalties, we will pass the second reading, it is appropriate to wonder why the same level of fines does not suit Gashnikov.
• For travel into the oncoming lane could be rid of fine »»»
The State Duma passed the first reading amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses, allowing drivers to fine of 5 thousand rubles.
• Penalty for lack of license plate decreased 50 times »»»
If the car is not only one of two rooms, the driver can be fined a maximum of 50 rubles.
• Mobile phone increases the probability of an accident in 4 times »»»
Drivers talking on cell phone, even with the use of the device Hands-Free, dangerous drivers on the road in a state of light intoxication.