Head of FAS will leave the country if President Putin would be

In an interview with the famous Russian newspaper, the head of the Federation of Russia Sergey Kanaev motorist said he would leave his post as head of the FAR and his family will leave Russia if two years later the election will come to power, the current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Human rights activist, who recently defended the rights of victims in a traffic EVENT on Leninsky Prospect, said: “This is a police state. I’ll be honest: I’m in this country until 2012. When Putin came to power in the next 12 years to do here nothing. I do not want to waste my time nor reassuring people. “Sergei Kanayev added that he could not fight the” system “and had lost all hope of success in the fight for the rights of motorists, when Putin came to power.” I honestly work on the PAR … Let others will come the leaders, who can also do something. But to stay here, knowing that I can not do anything, much less to risk the lives of their loved ones, I do not want to “, - concluded the head of the FAR.

It is worth noting that recently the Federation of motorists Russia has actively participated in various protest actions and has repeatedly advocated human rights activist in complex cases involving violations of the rights of motorists and simple grazhdan.Dostatochno remember the last action “blue buckets and successfully finish the fight against the ban cars in Russia Right-hand drive.

28 September 2010

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