Tesla Model S - electric car of the future!

Subject EVs many haunts. On the one hand, they have a huge advantage, electric cars do not pollute the environment, on the other side of the mass conversion to electric people constrain two major factors: long battery charging, low speed, and drive on a single charge can be very close.

These nuances were valid until such time as the market appeared electric Tesla. The creators of this high-tech car argue that your experience “relationship” with Tesla will differ little from the experience of using a conventional car. Pretentious statement, right?
But let’s look at an example of Tesla Model S, which also gives the creators of this machine such confidence in his creation? Immediately and do not say that it is electric, right? Other characteristics can also make for a moment doubt it. On a single charge the car can travel 426 kilometers. Up to 100 km / h Model S accelerates in 4.2 seconds. Impressive, is not it?

By 2015 95% of U.S. car charging stations to cover the Tesla

Charging the Tesla electric car in 20 minutes!

It is time to finally convince the skeptics. By 2015 the U.S. will be almost full coverage of special stations that charge the battery Tesla Model S. Imagine, for 20 minutes on a battery charging station by 50%! This is possible thanks to the unique technology Supercharger. It should be noted that such a fast-charging does not affect the life of the battery. And now, the most interesting charging station were, are and will be free! With that, the station itself is charged by solar energy, so over time you can forget about the cars that pollute the atmosphere.

That’s the real innovation, the future remains to wait and save money on electric!

6 August 2014

Chinese officials have ordered to buy electric vehicles
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• In Russia will actively promote electric vehicles »»»
Company "Rossetti" will continue to implement the national program for the development of charging infrastructure.
• The Japanese offer the technology to charge the electric cars in 5 minutes! »»»
Toshiba has announced the launch of a joint project with Mitsubishi Motors.
• Honda introduced a home fueling station for hydrogen cars - Solar Hydrogen Station »»»
Honda has long been seriously flirting with cars that have no batteries, but has its own power, generate electricity through a chemical reaction between oxygen and compressed hydrogen in the tank.
• First bench electric car »»»
Before us a real electric car, produced by Indian company Reva Electric.
• Chinese officials have ordered to buy electric vehicles »»»
Electric cars should be 30% of the park service cars in China by 2016 - such an order issued PRC government.