In Ukraine, have created a mini - a car for 2 thousand dollars

Twin City Car developing Kiev Motorcycle Plant and the company Arianespace, which is located in Fastiv Kiev region. The prototype car was shown at the exhibition “moto-Ukraine 2010″.
The chassis and body frame made of steel pipes. The roof, front and side panels - from foam covered with fiberglass. The concept has a half-open body. Two doors torn up along the body.

12 April 2010

Scion tC 2011: premiere at the auto showroom in New York
Prepared rating most expensive cars Kremlin officials: all proved to be steeper at the head of Ministry of Environment Maseratti GT

• Alien Citroen C2: alien from "SQ Plus" »»»
Citroen C2 Revised Draft British company called SQ Plus Alien Citroen C2.
• Officials of the Ulyanovsk region spend more on cars than on Housing »»»
Administration Karsunskogo region of Ulyanovsk region has announced an auction to purchase a car for 1.
• New concept Ford Explorer America »»»
Within the Detroit auto show will be shown a new concept called the Ford Explorer America, which was presented recently by Ford.
• At the weekend in Moscow will be a parade retromobiley »»»
September 4, 2010 in Moscow will host the traditional autumn parade of vintage cars and motorcycles “Retromotor.
• First bench electric car »»»
Before us a real electric car, produced by Indian company Reva Electric.