Toyota released the car without a steering wheel and pedals

At home in Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota as an example of the concept car FT-EV II, established on the basis of a mini-kara iQ, showed what would be the future of the Japanese auto giant electric.

23 October 2009 | auto giant, autosalon, pedal, toyota

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• New Mazda at the Tokyo Motor Show 2007 (Tokyo Autoshow 2007) »»»
In October 2007, at the Tokyo Motor Show Mazda will show a new concept coupe.
• Ford tries to set a new world speed record »»»
In August 2007, Ford intends to establish a new world speed record for cars with an electric motor.
• Toyota is preparing a "people's car" for Russia »»»
President of the Japanese automobile giant Toyota Motor Katsuaki Watanabe confirmed that his company is developing small and inexpensive “народный car for Russia.
• Nouvelle Mazda au Tokyo Motor Show 2007 (Salon de l'auto de Tokyo 2007) »»»
En Octobre 2007, à la Mazda Tokyo Motor Show montrera un coupé concept nouveau.
• Daihatsu test a model of the future »»»
Daihatsu will appear at the Tokyo Motor Show (Tokyo Motor Show, October 24 - November 4) highly eager to experiment.