ZIL for president. There PHOTOS

I’m sure many have heard that “ZIL” received from the Russian government’s job to consider the possibility of starting the organization in its capacity building of the new generation of Russian limousines for top officials.

We recall that in May this year, managing director of Russian President Vladimir Kozhin said that in the foreseeable future, senior officials of the country peresyadut with German cars on the domestic model.

And now Portal Sardesign.ru published the first computer drawings of a new generation of “limousine for the president, who created the designer Svetoslav Sahakian. “Limousine should not like it, that is, its design must not go on the desire to please customers. He did not have anyone to please, and be like there - said Svyatoslav. - The car should be as representative, conveying the spirit of a powerful country, based on style of recent zilovskih limousines to meet this requirement. limousine should be as comfortable and secure, with absolutely rational. ”

4 November 2010

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