The Japanese offer the technology to charge the electric cars in 5 minutes!

Toshiba has announced the launch of a joint project with Mitsubishi Motors. Partners intend to bring to the mass market technology that allows you to charge battery electric vehicles no longer than is filling the fuel tank.

Speech on lithium-ion batteries made by technology SCiB (Super Charge ion Battery).
Specific capacity of the battery - 60-70 watt-hours per kilogram for the unit cells. It is higher than that of lead-acid batteries, but at the same time significantly lower than that of current lithium-ion batteries.
However, Toshiba puts on another parameter - the rate of charging: from a powerful source of electricity they can fill more than 90% in just five minutes!

13 July 2010

Sales of General Motors in China for the first time exceeded U.S. rates
Registration via the website cars - “it gemmoroy” [audio]

• Tesla Model S - electric car of the future! »»»
Subject EVs many haunts. On the one hand, they have a huge advantage.
• THAT'S ALL? FROM ... »»»
But solid 30 years in a row, that America "will kill" the country from which no one would not expect.
• Honda introduced a home fueling station for hydrogen cars - Solar Hydrogen Station »»»
Honda has long been seriously flirting with cars that have no batteries, but has its own power, generate electricity through a chemical reaction between oxygen and compressed hydrogen in the tank.
• Chinese officials have ordered to buy electric vehicles »»»
Electric cars should be 30% of the park service cars in China by 2016 - such an order issued PRC government.
• Mazda recalls more than 65 thousand cars because of the spider network in the fuel system »»»
Japanese automaker Mazda recalls more than 65 thousand cars because of the spiders.