The Supreme Arbitration Court upheld a claim for damages CMTPL excluding depreciation car

The Finance Ministry agrees with this position, and prepare appropriate amendments to the law on compulsory insurance. But in response to require insurers to raise fees for the policy, referring to future losses. “This solution is useful to firms, unincorporated business, as their cases are adjudicated in state courts. In such cases, they can rely on this precedent, and arbitration is listening very carefully to meet all its instances. Private persons, this case will not affect - their cases for the courts of general jurisdiction, and for them the precedent to arbitration does not mean anything “- he explained Bikbov.
Thus, other motorists must wait until the Ministry of Finance finally make to the State Duma amendments to require insurers to pay for repairs to avtograzhdanke new parts.

20 February 2007 | accounting, amendment, court, expense, insurance, loss, polis, position, treasury

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• CTP dubbed the motorists »»»
Insurance payments will increase to 400 thousand rubles. Refusing to sell policies insurers will be punished with fines.
• CMTPL will be compensated not only repair, but also the loss of the commodity value of the car »»»
On Tuesday, the cassation at the Supreme Court dismissed an appeal of the government, which refused to change the existing rules OSAGO.
• Checkup on the new »»»
The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a decision to transfer responsibility for the mandatory inspection of cars for private companies.
• Moscow court arrested the founder of the project "" »»»
Tver Court of Moscow issued a warrant for the arrest of the founder avtosoobschestva "Smotra.
• The Supreme Court has forbidden to punish drunk drivers only for the presence of cars »»»
Russian Supreme Court basically defended all motorists of the country from unwarranted accusations of drunkenness at the wheel when the car is standing still.