Car - the ball from VW

Very strange concept of the company Volkswagen. He has a spherical shape. In the center of the vehicle wheel is located. As a “monster” moves remains a mystery. But, as we know from Western media, a car can travel.

18 February 2007 | concept, form, handlebars, volkswagen, vw

Car - diamond - Chinese concept
Chinese began to manufacture automobiles from Soviet cartoons.

• Car - diamond - Chinese concept »»»
At the Detroit auto show in China presented a car Rhombus.
• New Chevy Niva FAM1 with 1.8-liter Opel »»»
Mysterious machine. There are those who saw her. They say, met and those who traveled on it.
• Mazda Taiki: too Zoom-Zoom »»»
New concept car the company was named Mazda Taiki. This model is an extension of the philosophy of Zoom-Zoom, and shows the direction in which to develop design new cars Mazda.
• Cult bus VW Flower Power generation celebrate 60 years! »»»
History of Volkswagen Transporter was launched in April 1947, when Ben Mon, importing cars Volkswagen, said the factory in Wolfsburg, the car created by Volkswagen plant workers for internal use.
• Budget car - coming soon! »»»
Not a secret that for some people’s cars - a means of transportation, element, emphasizing their image, but for someone the car and remains a luxury.