Brazilian singer asks criminals do not break down the door of his car

Five times during the eight days the car was robbed musician from Rio de Janeiro, Alexandre.

Excavation of the thieves was just a bag of candy, and the singer had several times to repair the dented door, the newspaper said “Globo”.

In this history would not be anything special for this city, if not the reaction Alexandre. Rather than acquire ultra-modern security equipment, he is now just leave the car unlocked, and hangs on the glass doors of the announcement.

“Sir Thief, this vehicle is neither Sidi player, or any other thing of value. So he is unlocked. Be so kind as to not break the door while trying to climb into the car. You can make sure that it does not have anything, what would you like it. And do not forget to close the door behind him, “- said in the address musician to thieves.

After that, all sorts of problems with the kidnappers ended. The machine has often stops pedestrians to read a curious announcement. Some of them even try to open the door to check whether the written actually said Alexandre.

3 February 2007 | alexandre, classifieds, day, door, musician, newspaper, offender, rio de janeiro, thief

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