AutoBlog.Net.Ru: In Russia, a terrible shortage Lamborghini

The quota for this year for our country - 20 cars, with the opening of a specialized compartment Lamboghini on Rublevke, all 20 cars were already sold out. Now Russia is negotiating with the dealer Italians to increase the quota.

11 June 2006 | country, lamborghini, opening, quota, russia, salon, time

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• Chinese car sales grew due to the fact that the machines secretly buying up the country's authorities »»»
Sales of new passenger cars in China in November rose to 1.
• For 11 months in Russia, raised more than 1 million cars »»»
The volume of car production in the industrial assembly in Russia for 11 months increased over the same period of 2005 to 74% - up to 245,547 cars, said Deputy Director of the Department of Industry Ministry of Industry of Russia Viktor Semenov.
• BMW and DaimlerChrysler will be opened in Russia's own banks »»»
Affiliated financial structure of companies will issue loans for the purchase of German cars, BMW and Mercedes.
• AvtoVAZ close to stopping production! »»»
Closer to winter AvtoVAZ hastened to declare that “monitoring the situation on the market, but frantic zatovarka allegedly linked to the seasonal decline in sales.
• In 2011, Russians spent on new cars nearly $ 60 billion »»»
The volume of the market for new cars in Russia last year reached nearly $ 60 billion, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Russians began to buy more cars at higher prices.