Machines Mazda recognized as the most reliable

According to statistics, only 8.04% of the 100 cars, Mazda, ages 3 to 9 years require their owners to call a car service.
In second place - Honda c 8,9% failures, and closes the three leaders, but with a large gap Toyota - 15,78%.
most unreliable cars were found to cars Jeep - almost half (46.36%) owners of these vehicles were forced to apply to car repair.

27 January 2007 | age, honda, leader, mazda, owner, place, stats, toyota, trio

Brazilian racer broke a new car Ferrari
Holders spetsnomerov get in an accident is 30 times more likely to

• Japanese car manufacturers back in the ranks »»»
More than half of the closed assembly lines today, Toyota will resume.
• Honda introduced the European version of the model Accord »»»
It is just concept. But just know that the serial Accord will like him as two drops of water.
• Identified the most reliable car »»»
In reliability rating can get only cars not older than six years, which serially produced no significant changes in at least three years, and their annual sales in Germany of more than ten thousand pieces.
• The tax on cars with engines of a large volume will rise this year »»»
Vehicle excise duty for cars with engines of a large volume can be increased in Moscow later this year.
• Year of the confiscation of lighting devices: as there will be new rules of the road »»»
From 1 January 2007 all over Russia come into effect changes to the Rules of the road.