Hijacking by using pseudo accident! Instructions on how to protect yourself!

In the recent increase in thefts of expensive cars with the help of pseudo accident. Con artists operate on such a scheme: at the crossroads of criminals flipping his car bumper car of the victim. The natural reaction of the injured car driver to jump out of the car, look at the damage and deal with the guilty, while most did not even stop the engine of his car and pulling the keys from the ignition. At this point, an accomplice of the offender avoids car injured the right side and while he tries to deal with the driver smashed into his car, leaving in his car.
Most often this type of fraud foraged natives of the North Caucasus.

25 December 2006 | accident, bumper, case, crossroads, hijacking, inomarka, location, offender, time

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• Détenu à Moscou escrocs qui trompent les banques »»»
Ouvriers du Département des enquêtes criminelles de Moscou arrêté dans la capitale, soupçonnés de fraude à la consommation et les crédits auto.
• The European Union has decided to equip cars devices for remote stop »»»
In the European Union are going to install on cars devices to remotely turn off the engine.
• What are the requirements of traffic police officers must comply with the motorist? »»»
As is typical with the inspector DPS? You submit the document window, and the inspector (and sometimes it does not matter, there is a violation or not) offers you get in their car (or simply “deal”, or to the protocol).
• Stavropol Prosecutors appealed the termination of criminal proceedings against the mayor of Pyatigorsk »»»
Igor Tarasov consequence was charged under Part 3 of Art.
• A drunken driver hiding from the Policemen in the sewer pipe »»»
In Minsk for about an hour of the night inspectors traffic police patrolling the city.