Internet - a great power: the car doctor Emtseva bought the world

“All Together” - is not a figure of speech. Fedor Semenov, organizer of the rally to raise funds for the Murmansk doctor, said that the money came not only from Russia but also in America, Ukraine, Europe and other countries. On appeal, blogging Fyodor Semyonov, responded to more than 2000 people, someone with money, someone is advertising. Information about Andrew Emtsev, a physician, who is confined to a wheelchair, who continues to work in the clinic number 4 of the city of Murmansk, has appeared in journals and forums around the world.

24 December 2007 | action, collection, country, europe, internet, money, russia, ukraine, united states

Breaking up into filming Top Gear car put on eBay
On New Year all parking in Moscow will be switched to cashless payments

• Money for the car for the doctor Emtseva collected all Runet ... »»»
… a local dealer “VAZ” and refused to install on the machine the necessary equipment.
• Automobile owners in Murmansk are tired of the road and began to collect signatures »»»
In these moments in Murmansk is an action to collect signatures under an appeal to the leadership of the city in which car owners speak out against bad roads.
• Essen Motor Show / Essen tuning salon »»»
They say that in Europe tuning industry is experiencing a decline … Still do not understand us enlightened Europe.
• Named the best machine for the city »»»
Which car is best suited for operation in the city?
• In St. Petersburg unknown repaired the bridge for three days »»»
An unexpected development was the situation with the repair of the bridge of Alexander Nevsky.