What car company can make quality cars in overseas factories?

In December we will be one more automobile plant: Toyota Motor Corporation “into the water, the first sedan Camry, marked by the label” Made in Russia “. Is new? Far. Toyota have a few large enterprises abroad: in England produce Avensis and Auris, France - Yaris. Large factories operate in Poland, the Czech Republic, Turkey. On what difficulties await Russia’s branch of the company, “Itogi” said president and CEO of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey (TMMT) Tamer Unlu

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• Mitsubishi will build plant in Russia »»»
The Japanese company Mitsubishi Motors Corp. going to build a car plant in Russia.
• VIEW: At the GAZ production starts and Chrysler Dodge »»»
In April the company announced the acquisition of DaimlerChrysler have the license to produce vehicles Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Stratus, as well as equipment from the factory Sterling Heights Automotive Plant (Michigan, USA), which previously produced these cars.
• Construction of the factory Nissan near St. Petersburg has begun! »»»
Postponed until the ceremony of laying the first stone, finally took place.
• THAT'S ALL? FROM ... »»»
But solid 30 years in a row, that America "will kill" the country from which no one would not expect.
• Chinese invasion of Russia's car market has entered a new phase »»»
Already this year in Russia may start construction of two plants - Great Wall and Chery.