The most popular exhibit the Frankfurt Motor Show IAA-2007

To stand with the next generation Audi A4 is practically impossible to break through the second day. This is indeed the most popular exhibit in Frankfurt. So many journalists have no more than one machine.

11 September 2007 | audi, autosalon, frankfurt, generation, object, representative

BMW has released a free racing-game
Honda introduced the European version of the model Accord

• Expected new items Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) »»»
September 13 starts the International Motor Show in Frankfurt (International Motor Show Frankfurt / Main 2007), who in this year’s 62 in a row.
• Event of the year - SEMA Show 2007 »»»
Opening of the exhibition of the greatest tuning, SEMA 2007, occurred on October 30 in Las Vegas.
• Named 10 worst cars of 2009. »»»
Journalists of the popular German publication “Autobild” survey was conducted among motorists, as a result of which was identified ten worst cars of the year.
• BMW e38 vs Audi A8 d2 vs Mercedes w140 »»»
Which one do you think is better? Only write a full answer, but not chtoto like “bmw 4eva” or “Mercy and beha suck, Audi taxis” For me as BMW e38 because of design.
• Silver - the most popular car color for the past 9 years »»»
In North America, every fourth car is painted in silver color.