Mercedes-Benz presented the new flagship concept: F 700

His development of German experts have tried to show how in the very near future should be a big luxury car. The idea is that such a machine must meet three main requirements: superior comfort, excellent handling and environmental friendliness. These three pillars constitute the concept of the newfound concept from Mercedes.

10 September 2007 | claim, class, comfort, concept, creator, design, mercedes-benz, specialist

The Supreme Court will consider a claim for the abolition of all privileges for machines with spetssignalami
Automotive Tools: womans only!

• Michelin: Automakers should be ready to go to the "green tire" »»»
At a meeting of investors and industrialists Roadshow company Michelin said that automakers should be prepared to buy environmentally friendly (the so-called “green tires”), which are more expensive than conventional tires.
• New concept Ford Explorer America »»»
Within the Detroit auto show will be shown a new concept called the Ford Explorer America, which was presented recently by Ford.
• Daihatsu test a model of the future »»»
Daihatsu will appear at the Tokyo Motor Show (Tokyo Motor Show, October 24 - November 4) highly eager to experiment.
• New Mercedes GLK Freeside »»»
Recently, the official presentation of new products Mercedes-Benz GLK Freeside.
• Mitsubishi will present a concept car made of bamboo »»»
Environmental technology can become a priority for all the upcoming car shows 2007-2008.