Created by a car with a capacity of 1 HP

Company Fleethorse, which is based in Dubai, presented a draft of a new environmentally friendly vehicles with capacity of only 1 hp And in this case that the machine will actually have one horse.

4 September 2007 | case, power, project, speech

News about the service stations and auto
Meet the new Nissan X-Trail 2007

• Favorite automotive brands »»»
Consumer Reports, which enjoys great popularity among motorists, decided to consider consumer attitudes towards different brands.
• EU Trade Commissioner refused to purchase Mazerati »»»
Commission President José Manuel Barroso refused Briton EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson in his request to get him in administrative use the prestigious Executive Car of the Italian company Mazerati.
• Mercedes-Benz presented the new flagship concept: F 700 »»»
His development of German experts have tried to show how in the very near future should be a big luxury car.
• New Citroen Berlingo »»»
Recently, at a special promotional website Citroen was presented Berlingo light commercial vehicle new generation.
• From 1 January 2009 Russia goes to Euro-3 »»»
Translation of Russia’s automobile industry to more stringent environmental requirements in doubt, as in sparsely populated areas of the country’s environmental effects will be almost unnoticeable, while significantly more expensive vehicles blow on consumers.