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Workshop parking large Japanese dzhippa Nissan on a small street. At first glance, a little golf have to get firmly against such foolhardiness owner of the jeep. What kind of damage, really? See photos …
Apparently to save the little brother of the German four-wheel, the driver of the jeep lost their car …

12 September 2006 | jeep, nissan, opinion, owner, parking

Machinery - mermaids will go for half price
Sex in a small town

• (The fight at the Garden) Jeep rammed 20 cars on the Garden Ring. Owners of crumpled cars lynchings perpetrated on him »»»
Owner silver SUV made a major accident in central Moscow.
• Bentley driver got in an accident in a ditch »»»
In the Latvian town of Valmiera there was an unusual accident - the driver Bentley on the roundabout too far with the speed and flew into the ditch, facing it with a Nissan Primera.
• Vladimir Vdovichenkov received three gunshot wounds after a traffic argument »»»
- On board “02″ was reported shooting near the house number 2 on the street Composers - told Life News in the law enforcement bodies of the capital.
• Machines Mazda recognized as the most reliable »»»
According to statistics, only 8.04% of the 100 cars, Mazda, ages 3 to 9 years require their owners to call a car service.
• Drunk girl in the BMW pulled down 40 meters fence »»»
It all happened in St. Petersburg on the streets Korablestroiteley around midnight.