Old Fiat repeat rally

On Sunday, from Turin, is sent on a tour of Italy’s car “Italia 45 HP Fiat”, the man who a hundred years ago, won the Peking to Paris rally, breaking the 16 thousand kilometers.
Swept across the Apennine peninsula, “the veteran” will arrive in the French capital, there again to repeat the legendary way, only now in the opposite direction - from Paris to Beijing. Start scheduled for July 20 this year.

4 May 2007 | fiat, italy, rally, sunday, thousand

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In Lisbon, starts the legendary rally “Dakar”. The first phase mnogodnevki will be held between the capital of Portugal and the city of Portimao.
• The first test FIAT 500 »»»
He first Fiat 500 for Italy - an icon, a national treasure and at the same time, something warm and familiar, like Grandma’s quilt.
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• Der erste Test FIAT 500 »»»
Er ersten Fiat 500 in Italien - eine Ikone, ein nationales Kulturgut und zur gleichen Zeit, etwas warm und vertraut, wie Quilt Grandma’s.