Skoda “lets” viewers behind the scenes

Spot opens the secret production of a new car. Instead of noise, rattle, squeak and other unpleasant sounds that usually accompany the assembly of machines, the “happiness factory” Skoda burst of laughter, cries of happiness, contentment and purr smack. The actual process of assembling embellished only sound close.

8 January 2007 | assembly, happiness, production, skoda, video, viewer

The crew of the “KAMAZ-Master” won the second stage of the rally “Dakar-2007″
“Dakar-2007″. Fourth stage: The first death and another victory for the crew of the “KAMAZ-Master”

• Earned a Volkswagen plant in Russia »»»
Opens plant in Kaluga Volkswagen, the company reported. Foundation of the new plant was built in the south-west of Moscow region, October 28, 2006.
• Japanese car manufacturers back in the ranks »»»
More than half of the closed assembly lines today, Toyota will resume.
• Construction of the factory Nissan near St. Petersburg has begun! »»»
Postponed until the ceremony of laying the first stone, finally took place.
• Government of the RF limit "screwdriver" assembly of cars »»»
Minpromtorg Russia is preparing to make changes in the concept
• In Perm open line processing of used tires »»»
On June 27, Perm opened a new production line for processing of old tires.