Draft OSCar (Open Source Car) - the development of the car on the principles of free programming

The basic idea was that the forces of volunteers to create a concept car that would be built on the ideas and engineering discoveries, is not fettered by patent restrictions and freely available to all manufacturers of motor vehicles. Naturally, all the rules of Free Software, if any major Automobile manufacturers decide to use the results of the project, it will not be able to assign them to yourself. As a result, project participants want to ensure that innovations as quickly as possible turned to the real cars, and as a consequence, in the use of car owners.

26 December 2006 | concept, concept car, design, producer, project, restriction, technician

Hijacking by using pseudo accident! Instructions on how to protect yourself!
Alliance of Toyota and Ford are not far off?

• Now, every car is equipped with airbags Toyota »»»
Toyota Motor Co. reported that all new cars manufactured by the company, will be standard must be equipped with airbags.
• Buy & Wheelbarrow-point-Ru »»»
Regional Internet Project for selling cars. As you know, everyone wants to buy a car, but buying and dreams to sell.
• What are the criteria put up the price of a new or second-hand car. »»»
What are the criteria put up the price of a new or second-hand car.
• Ford tries to set a new world speed record »»»
In August 2007, Ford intends to establish a new world speed record for cars with an electric motor.
• Government of the RF limit "screwdriver" assembly of cars »»»
Minpromtorg Russia is preparing to make changes in the concept