Motorists have criticized the new Yandeks.Navigator

“I passed by Yandeks.Navigatoru. It’s not like it - wrote in his microblog to” tweet “a popular blogger Ilya Varlamov (@ varlamov). - Always flies scale, decoupling is not worked out. While 3 +. We look forward to new versions.” “A lot of the turns do not know, especially in the area (Moscow - Kolesa.RU)”, said another userTwitter” Ilya Ivanov (@ fotoivanov).

LiveJournal user by the nickname “yakovis” also notes that many positive features Yandeks.Navigatora (eg, simple, convenient and nice looking interface, as well as precise information about traffic jams) “lose value against the relevance of cards.”

“September 1st our street made one-way - wrote in his blog” yakovis “. - I waited for something, and somewhere in October posted a” bug report “because Yandex naturally paved the route against the motion (disqualification from 4 to 6 months). Six months later, came Yandeks.Navigator. All is still. ” “I understand that a lot of data is difficult, but the City Guide for some reason, things can quickly whip. And if Yandex does not learn, but so far nothing portends, I do not know how to use it” - sums up the blogger.

As it became known portal Kolesa.RU, to launch a new service for motorists this week plans to have a well-known in the Russian Internet company.

13 March 2012

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