As traffic police inspector should conduct the inspection of the car?

Who of us, car owners are not familiar with this phrase: “Open the trunk. And most often this phrase when the inspector finds that you are his “no respect”, namely, submitting documents through the open window, without leaving the car.

20 November 2006 | car owner, document, inspector, phrase, traffic police, trunk, window

Car of the future invented in Russia
Bears in the center of Yekaterinburg!

• What are the requirements of traffic police officers must comply with the motorist? »»»
As is typical with the inspector DPS? You submit the document window, and the inspector (and sometimes it does not matter, there is a violation or not) offers you get in their car (or simply “deal”, or to the protocol).
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Recently, to the delight of motorists in Moscow, a new site http://www.
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Excerpt from the rules of the forum: If you carry a baseball bat in the car and drove to offer thrash Zaporozhets, the inspector shall pierce you to the front left wheel.
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Company Yandex has announced the launch of a mobile version of the map of traffic jams.
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In the Canadian city of Ontario is one of the BMW dealership is closed now for 23 years, but in its depths, as it turned out, brand new cars are kept of previous years.