BMW e38 vs Audi A8 d2 vs Mercedes w140

Which one do you think is better? Only write a full answer, but not chtoto like “bmw 4eva” or “Mercy and beha suck, Audi taxis” For me as BMW e38 because of design. But in the Audi A8 stands four-wheel drive, which on Russian roads clear advantage.

7 May 2010

Smart Citroen Metropolis Concept.
Cars for 2000 euros.

• Car of the future invented in Russia »»»
Russians have contributed to the development of cars Audi. Project Audi Quattroflex, designed by a student of the Ural Academy of Architecture and Art Alexei Bykov, won the main prize in the competition Interior Motives Design Awards for the best use of technology.
• ZIL for president. There PHOTOS »»»
I’m sure many have heard that “ZIL” received from the
• The Supreme Court has forbidden to punish drunk drivers only for the presence of cars »»»
Russian Supreme Court basically defended all motorists of the country from unwarranted accusations of drunkenness at the wheel when the car is standing still.
• Duration of course for drivers doubled »»»
Ministry of Education has developed a new program of driver training provided for education reform future motorists.
• As a woman "auto Lady" check engine oil level car? »»»
On the car I’m riding for about a year. Yes.