The new navigation system from Ford

It was learned that the car company Ford will soon be equipped with new navigation systems. And the first owners of Sirius Travel Link will be the 2009 Ford Flex and F-150. This technology allows the driver to display the navigator to read the information on the prices of gasoline, traffic, the schedule of film shows. It will be possible, for example, compare the cost of gasoline at the few gas stations.

6 January 2008 | ford, holder, navigation, petrol, system

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• Microsoft and Ford demonstrate Sync »»»
At the last exhibition of future products in 2008, the program “Blue Oval” demonstrated its willingness to compete on many fronts, including the transmission, quality interior and overall improvement.
• Automobile navigation is also possible to hack! »»»
Navigators for the RDS to receive reports of traffic jams, but the technology does not certify the source of the message, so that an attacker can easily send fake alert, redirecting the driver on the desired route attacker.
• Yandex has launched a mobile version of maps of Moscow traffic »»»
Company Yandex has announced the launch of a mobile version of the map of traffic jams.
• Windscreen become an information center »»»
Microsoft has filed in the Office of the United States Patent and Trademark regular patent application which describes a new type of interface for vehicles.
• Approved price list for medical help for drivers »»»
In the near future the country will start to operate the new price list for medical help to get driver’s licenses and license to bear arms.