Oilmen sure to freeze the price of gasoline would be required

On Monday, held a closed meeting of heads of Industry and Energy Minister Viktor Khristenko, with Russian oil companies. The purpose of this meeting was to raise the issue of freezing the price of gasoline in terms of inflation …

19 November 2007 | head, monday, petrol, price, question, representative

The new law without the hassle
Top 5 Unique Ferrari

• Project to encourage purchases of domestic cars will start in 2010 and provides for payment of 50 thousand rubles for the disposal of old cars. »»»
Pilot project to promote the purchase of domestically produced vehicles.
• The new navigation system from Ford »»»
It was learned that the car company Ford will soon be equipped with new navigation systems.
• Putin will introduce a tax on old cars »»»
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin approved the introduction of utilization in the country with a collection of Russian and foreign car manufacturers.
• Putin signed amendments to the law on OSAGO »»»
As experts of insurance companies in the new conditions defeats the purpose of certificates of insurance to be issued to drivers, insurers upon termination of the contract.
• Today in India was presented the car for 2,5 thousand dollars »»»
The long-awaited premiere of the car, whose value is only 2,5 thousand dollars, was held Thursday in the Indian capital, the Ashgabat correspondent of RIA Novosti.