10 motor technologies of the future

In XXI century the car waiting for significant changes: from the strong invader humanity he must become a clever dictator. If you continue to maim people in accidents, poisoning the nature and let the wind energy reserves of the planet, then the cars will come to replace other forms of transport - faster, cleaner, safer …

18 November 2007 | accident, change, people, planet, technology, transport, view

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The new law without the hassle

• THAT'S ALL? FROM ... »»»
But solid 30 years in a row, that America "will kill" the country from which no one would not expect.
• Accidents in France: 300 cars, over 30 injured »»»
Close to Bordeaux on highway A63 collided about 80 cars.
• Unmanaged crane crushed 17 cars »»»
A major accident took place in Novosibirsk on Monday. Unmanaged 18-ton diesel crane KrAZ “went to the crossroads in the area of Labor and crushed 17 cars standing there with people.
• Holders spetsnomerov get in an accident is 30 times more likely to »»»
Recorded in Moscow with spetsnomerami cars in 2006 fell into the accident is almost 30 times more likely to ordinary cars, reports on Sunday, Interfax reported.
• Tesla Model S - electric car of the future! »»»
Subject EVs many haunts. On the one hand, they have a huge advantage.