10 years EuroNCAP

In December, the tenth anniversary of an independent European organization EuroNCAP, which is widely known, making a pile of scrap metal a few dozen cars per year. Global automakers happy to give their products in crash tests EuroNCAP: it received five stars - the best decoration any advertising campaign.

15 November 2007 | december, euroncap, organization, ten

Sedan Suzuki SX4
As chrome car?

• Top Gear a failli se faire la tête en Amérique »»»
Globalement Top Gear histoire du tournage en Amérique: l’un des principaux acheté une voiture d’occasion pour 1000 ve à Miami et ont commencé à les tester, comme d’habitude, un critère a été une course automobile à 500 miles.
• Top Gear almost got his head in America »»»
Overall Top Gear filming story in America: one of the leading bought a used car for 1000 ve in Miami and began to test them as usual, one step test was a motor race at 500 miles.
• 10 new cars on sale which can be good money »»»
Compiled by “dozens of collectible vehicles of the future”. These cars are now still “too young”, but, according to experts, after 30-40 years they have become truly iconic.
• Dream. For a new online campaign, gathered 25 Lincoln cherished dreams »»»
American automaker Lincoln decided to demonstrate that his car is not just a commodity, but something more: Dream.
• Futurama-07 »»»
North American Auto Show this year celebrated its 100 anniversary.