The worst road in the world!

The most dangerous road in the world is in Bolivia. Mountain section of the road is constantly claiming hundreds of lives, and it is famous throughout the world. And every year the state is a lot worse, and the number of accidents increases.

21 September 2006 | accident, hundred, life, people, plot, state, the number, world

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• DRIVE.RU - KUNST! In Bolivia, the effect is the most dangerous road in the world »»»
The road - dangerous thing in itself. But is the world’s roads are very dangerous.
• Mobile phone increases the probability of an accident in 4 times »»»
Drivers talking on cell phone, even with the use of the device Hands-Free, dangerous drivers on the road in a state of light intoxication.
• Holders spetsnomerov get in an accident is 30 times more likely to »»»
Recorded in Moscow with spetsnomerami cars in 2006 fell into the accident is almost 30 times more likely to ordinary cars, reports on Sunday, Interfax reported.
• In Denmark, drunk drivers will be deprived of the car at the first arrest. »»»
In Denmark to toughen penalties for drunken driving - the drivers blood alcohol content which would be higher than 2 ppm will confiscate their vehicles.
• $ 51 billion a year - the price of poor Russian roads »»»
Lack of road safety cost Russia more than $ 51 billion (1.