Russia is ready to become number one for Toyota

The rapidly growing automobile market of Russia could overtake Germany, Britain and Italy by car sales mark Toyota. Executive Director and COO of Toyota Thierry Dombreval said: ”Трудно predict how long Russia’s market will continue to develop in this pace, we conservatively expect that it will be our number 1 in 2009-2010 году”. But if Russia continues to grow at a pace and Western European markets will remain, as now, slowly, weather Dombreval†™ and may be too conservative.

15 April 2007 | director, germany, market, number, rate, russia, sale, toyota, united kingdom

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• For 11 months in Russia, raised more than 1 million cars »»»
The volume of car production in the industrial assembly in Russia for 11 months increased over the same period of 2005 to 74% - up to 245,547 cars, said Deputy Director of the Department of Industry Ministry of Industry of Russia Viktor Semenov.
• Toyota is preparing a "people's car" for Russia »»»
President of the Japanese automobile giant Toyota Motor Katsuaki Watanabe confirmed that his company is developing small and inexpensive “народный car for Russia.
• Budget car - coming soon! »»»
Not a secret that for some people’s cars - a means of transportation, element, emphasizing their image, but for someone the car and remains a luxury.
• Toyota opened the first of the automakers in Russia own bank - "Toyota Bank" »»»
Those who want to buy a Toyota car loan will soon be able to arrange it in his own bank automaker.
• Russia sharing it with the UK sales of automobiles »»»
In 2006 sales of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Russia amounted to about two million pieces.