But solid 30 years in a row, that America “will kill” the country from which no one would not expect. Everyone who is waiting - not wait collapse disappoint “the world’s main citadel of evil.” Together with the United States and Russia will collapse. And even earlier. As winter always comes “suddenly” and Japan’s “suddenly” made a real breakthrough in energy without hydrocarbons. See. Here are the first signs:

Swallow named Toyota the world.

Japanese car giant Toyota has started mass production of the first car in the world with a hydrogen engine. The new sedan “Mirai” only works on hydrogen instead of harmful exhausts produces pure water. According to the designers, one filling is enough for 650 kilometers.

Price trends in Japan is about $ 60 thousand. At the same time the government announced that all buyers of eco-friendly sedans receive from the state subsidy of $ 17 thousand.

On a full tank sedan can travel about 650 kilometers, while the tank refills cost per 1 km it is only $ 0.1.

The energy in a unique motor car produced by oxidation of hydrogen in an electrochemical generator. Motor power is 136 horsepower.

In the near future the market of hydrogen cars is planning to go out and Honda. The company starts selling FCV models in 2016.

If someone does not understand, I explain: - This is not the only “death” of the oil industry, but also the end of the energy in the form in which we know it. Houses are equipped with autonomous generator on hydrogen fuel. We do not need to be not only the Sayano-Shushenskaya, and all nuclear power plants, but also to all the networks that transmit electricity. Imagine how many of the unemployed will once? From geologists to power electrical equipment manufacturers? Yes there is equipment! Metal will cost you a penny!

3 March 2016

Moscow court arrested the founder of the project “”
How to give your car personality … or tuning of Homel.

• Honda introduced a home fueling station for hydrogen cars - Solar Hydrogen Station »»»
Honda has long been seriously flirting with cars that have no batteries, but has its own power, generate electricity through a chemical reaction between oxygen and compressed hydrogen in the tank.
• Carmaker Toyota released the first car with a hydrogen engine »»»
As you know, Japan is famous for its quality and innovative approach to the automotive industry.
• Petrol is no longer needed; cars on compressed air »»»
Cars brand "AIRPod", running on compressed air, this year will be released in the US by "Zero Pollution Motors".
• Mitsubishi will build plant in Russia »»»
The Japanese company Mitsubishi Motors Corp. going to build a car plant in Russia.
• How to find and steal cars in Russia »»»
About 80% of luxury cars (costing more than 1 million rubles.