Lada Granta will be with automatic transmission

The management of “AvtoVAZ” is completely determined, from the prospect of cars with automatic transmission. Already in March, made the first pilot batch Lada Granta with automatic transmission, and in April, the plant will bring 23 more machines from the second pilot the party - it is necessary for debugging assembly technology. Well, a full-fledged production of Granta with “automatic” is scheduled for autumn this year - the end of December will sell about 10,000 cars with a transmission.

As previously reported repeatedly, Lada Granta will receive “automatic” the Japanese company Jatco. However, it is a fairly old design of the transmission, which has only four levels (compared to now, some manufacturers use 8, and soon there will be production cars, and 9-speed “automatic”). How much will it cost Lada Granta c automatic transmission, has not officially reported. But before the representatives of the plant said that “automatic” Granta in complete “Suite” with air conditioning, ABS, “music” and two pillows will cost around 350 000 rubles.

3 April 2012

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