RHD cars still plan to prevent summer

After the presidential elections in March of 2012 the Russian motorists waiting for an interesting and rich life. However, most laws and new features will be rather negative sense. One of the surprises, which, however, has long been a surprise is not: enter into force on the new technical regulations, which hurt the fans right-hand drive cars.

As reported today, sources AutoNews.ru, close to the government, the adoption of this document shelve will not be: it will work in June. And no concessions to owners of the “wrong” car it will not. Thus, the government has finally decided to put an end to the protracted history of the right-hand drive “Japanese” and “Americans” with red turn signals.

The text contains a direct prohibition on the operation of such machines. Experts claim that retroactive law is not, and therefore, the current owners of the above mentioned car trouble with the law will not. Until then, until it’s the turn of registration actions. Remove from the register, or to put it the wrong car will be impossible. And if some “Americans” reequipping in the European manner, replacing all the optics, then from fans of right-hand drive vehicles are not likely to exist at all. Their cars will literally last forever.

Tellingly, the adoption of the new regulation is not directly related to the protection of domestic producers in the face of the Volga Automobile Plant. As reported AutoNews.ru sources in the automobile industry, on the fact that the “restraining” the law has earned as soon as possible, insisting primarily foreign manufacturers: those that are already working in Russia, and those that are just going to organize in our country, the production .

Competition from the used cars they do not need, say experts. Especially those concerns, which have successfully established a sales “people’s” car at a price of 7-year representatives of the business class. The market, therefore, will remain open only for European cars middle and upper price segment, while the “state employees” and cheap, but not related to the category of low-cost cars will be manufactured in Russia. A similar attack is supposed to cause and car owners from Belarus and Kazakhstan - the action of technical regulations apply to all countries of the Common Customs Union.

Recall that the draft document was developed by the Research Institute of automobile and motor (NAMI), with the filing of Industry and Trade, and was criticized by ordinary drivers and experts, however, will be adopted unchanged.

1 March 2012

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