How to leave a tint?

September 23, 2010, amendments to the Administrative Code, namely, will complement st.12.5, which provides for a fine of 500 rubles for the tinted glass is not on GOST. In other words, bona fide representatives of DPS now Immersed right to write a receipt for the fine, if a device for measuring the transparency of the car glass showed that the tinting exceeds the allowable value. I remind you that according to the rules front car glass must pass at least 70% of the world.

What happens in reality? Most often repeated the same scenario: An employee of road inspection service threatens to deprive inspection, twist the numbers, or requires “rastonirovatsya” on the spot. From the standpoint of the Law “On militia” such acts do not carry any validity. The Act spelled out the general ponomochiya traffic police: you can check the card and THEN draw up a protocol on administrative violation. Moreover, that most interest toning checked by eye, without any instruments, but for rasstonirovaniya requires special equipment, which are not.

If the DPS officer still equipped with, for example, “Blick”, you need to know some details. The instrument must be certified by the Scientific and Technical Commission on Metrology and measurement equipment, and once a year for gosproverku a local certification body. After checking the meter a certificate. The device is sealed by the personal seal of inspection. In addition, her imprint is placed on the certificate of inspection. If the seal on the device is missing or damaged, it can not be used. Indications of such a meter are not included and can be appealed.

The second point is that the meter is not always believing. Accuracy “Blick” depends on battery voltage, temperature and humidity. Therefore, if a policeman is trying to measure the tint of frost, rain or at a voltage less than 12 - you have every right to challenge its actions. However, the use of “Flare” can be whatever the time - they can be measured even at night.

Also, be aware that, according to Interior Ministry Order № 329 and “Manual on the work of the DPS traffic police of the Russian Federation” DPS officers are prohibited to conduct any verification of the technical condition of the car if the driver possesses the current coupon on the pass inspection. Thus, receiving ticket, can be up to the next so do worry about the problems with tinted windows. If the inspector will ignore this, we can assert their rights and to attract the very inspector responsible for the unlawful restriction of your rights to drive the car.

The only unpleasant moment - if you were repeatedly stopped by traffic police and inspectors all have a special device for measuring the tinting windows, each of the officers the right to write you a new receipt of an administrative offense.

23 September 2010

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