CTP dubbed the motorists

Insurance payments will increase to 400 thousand rubles. Refusing to sell policies insurers will be punished with fines. And the desire to go to court have requested to inform your insurance company. Such innovations are waiting motorists through the State Duma approved in the second reading of amendments to the law on CTP.

The State Duma adopted in the second reading amendments to the law on compulsory motor TPL agreed by the Committee on Financial Markets. According to one of the adopted amendments, limit payments for property damage in an accident will be from October 1 of this year increased from the current 120 thousand to 400 thousand rubles. Beginning April 1, 2015 - up to 500 thousand rubles, and increase payments for damage to life and health. Now the maximum amount is 160 thousand rubles. Change threshold and excluding wear and tear - from 80 to 50%.

Order damages

According to the State Duma approved amendments, motorist injured in an accident, be able to choose the method of redress: in cash or in the direction of the repair. Responsible for the duration of repairs will be insurance companies.

In addition, amendments to the law changes and direct damages. So avtoladelets will seek payment only your insurance company. Thus, the law excludes the possibility of the insured contact the company, the responsibility to insure the guilty party. Lawmakers believe that nothing but puffs of time insurance payments it gives the consumer the right.

Penalties for delaying payments for the imposition of additional products

In case of cancellation of a tightening insurance payments for companies proposed to increase from 0.1% to 1% of the amount of compensation for each day of delay. Moreover, in case of refusal to sell CTP policy in the presence of an insurance company licensed state will penalize officials refuse to sell insurance or impose additional services to 50 thousand rubles.


There will also be increased, according to the approved amendments and limit payments evroprotokol. Thus, in Moscow, the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and Leningrad region maximum payments in the case of registration by accident evroprotokol will also be 400 thousand rubles. Injured in an accident must be present materials videofiksatorov both cars. For other regions, the maximum payout is 50 thousand rubles.

3 July 2014

AvtoVAZ loss in just one year increased 10 times
In Denmark, drunk drivers will be deprived of the car at the first arrest.

• Committee of the State Duma approved a ban on the reconciliation of the parties in an accident with dead »»»
Responsible for an accident, which killed people, a proposal to ban the exemption from criminal liability after reconciliation with the aggrieved party.
• CTP will make less »»»
In the near future the cost of CTP policy can be significantly reduced.
• The new law: for drunken driving will put on two years »»»
Next week the State Duma may consider the second reading of a bill that criminalizes driving while intoxicated.
• Calculation of payments on CTP will lead to a common denominator »»»
The Russian Association of Motor Insurers will develop a unified methodology for calculating the cost of repairing damaged vehicles.
• The Supreme Arbitration Court upheld a claim for damages CMTPL excluding depreciation car »»»
The Finance Ministry agrees with this position, and prepare appropriate amendments to the law on compulsory insurance.